Voice in the Forest – Books Mentioned In

There are a number of books mentioned or alluded to in Voice in the Forest. Below is a list of them, with publication dates and brief comments which may help to understand any relevance they could have to themes in the novel:

  • After London (1885) by Richard Jefferies;
  • Das Kapital: Volumes 1-3 (1867-94) Karl Marx. The history of the twentieth century bears out the horror and repression caused by any adherence to Marx’s ideas;
  • The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (1882-1898) Collected by Francis James Child. This includes A Gest of Robyn Hode;
  • Heart of Darkness (1899) Joseph Conrad. Seminal;
  • History of the Chartist Movement 1837-1854 (1894) R.G. Gammage. Mentions the Chartist Land Plan;
  • John Halifax, Gentleman (1856) Dinah Craik. Prissy, anodyne nonsense, very popular among certain sections of the population at the time;
  • News from Nowhere (1890) William Morris. Just a little too simplistic, if taken at face value;
  • Practical Work in the Management of Small Farms (1847) Feargus O’Connor. O’Connor was the founder and driving force behind the Chartist Land Plan, but was only familiar with larger-scale farming on his estate in Ireland;
  • Small Holdings in England: A paper read at the meeting of the British Association at Dublin, 1908, and with Additions republished in the “Revue Economique Internationale”, Brussels (1909) Frederic Impey. Impey was the first Secretary, and then Chairman, of the Allotments and Small Holdings Association (established 1883);
  • The Republic (580 B.C.E.) Plato. Numerous translations into English from at least the early 19th Century;
  • Utopia (1516) Thomas More. Originally in Latin, but translated into English by Ralphe Robynson by 1550;
  • Wind in the Willows (1908) Kenneth Graham.