Time & Sorrow

Cover - Time & Sorrow


Lights in the sky, shudders underground: heralds or remembrances of disaster. Time running in unconventional ways: as circles, as parallel lines. Failure relax, to flex, being caught in the rigidity of thoughts such as can plague us, even when much is going not that badly, really.

So Fial reflects as she sits in her garden: on her own past, of that of the valley wherein lies her home.

They have both been through a tough time. Yet Fial still dwells on these more than she knows is good for her. But they will not go away; she cannot shift them to the margins and so move away from the times of damage and discord to a time when sorrow is more a memory than part of her day-to-day life.

While pondering and remembering, Fial wanders into the forest outwith the normality of the valley, a place she goes when struggling to manage all the thoughts that course through her mind.


Where to purchase Time & Sorrow

Time & Sorrow is (soon to be) published by FastPrint Publishing in paperback, and is available directly and through other online retailers.

It is not available in e-book formats due to the intricate nature of the link between the words, and images.

The supplementary texts connected with this novella are:

The Histories & Prophecies of Dinogad,

Of Einion: the Allure of the Rose,

Of Past and Future Ways,

Of Ikah Ascending, and

Taru in Transit.

Some of the images are also available here, though not all of them, for some are embedded in the texts. Also (soon to be) available is the sheet music (mostly of those Taru has written) for most of the incorporated songs.