The Migrator – Author’s Note

There are a lot of borrowings in this book; some are more obvious than others:


The Red Dog in Book I is pretty close to a creation myth from North America that I found on the internet;

– The Dragon-King’s tale developed from a Chinese play I read in translation a decade or more ago – though I‘ve tried to trace it, I’ve had no success;

– The concept of three-dimensional time comes from P.D. Ouspensky’s proposals in his A New Model of the Universe, & the concept of a different world accessed through mirrors, & its invasion of this one & its defeat by the Yellow Emperor, comes from Jorge Luis Borges’s Book of Imaginary Beings;

– The song-cycle Alentir & the others witness in Book II has more than a passing acquaintance to at least parts of the story in Supper’s Ready that I saw ‘Six Of The Best’ perform in 1982;

– And the verse extolling the virtues of Kalin Chimber Satin in Book III is based on a traditional Tibetan poem.