The Migrator


There is order and there is chaos. One good: one not. This is an absolute, instilled in everyone. Straight forward.

And initially, in a remote village, in a realm heavy and old where Alentir grows up, that seems so. Till Elexdreur: till he gets caught in an internal world that increasingly diverges from unwanted external events.

After a period of incarceration he leaves his homeland to traverse Kolchin – its forests, waters and passes – till he reaches the lands beneath the high peaks. There he finds a knowledge long-distilled and a corruption newly arrived.


Where to purchase The Migrator

The Migrator is available in paperback directly from AuthorHouse (the cheapest, at £8:30), or from various other online retailers such as Amazon and W.H. Smith.

It is also available in most e-book formats; the Kindle version from Amazon is £2.63.


Additional bits and pieces
The paperback version of The Migrator includes three posters loosely connected to the text, and a map:



Author’s Note.