Taru’s Timeline

Timeline for Taru and his story as told in Time & Sorrow. The calendar is that of Nineveh, with Ingas dates – where appropriate – for Orestol in brackets. The name Taru is used throughout, though the ioculer only used it after he entered Parasalaya in 2091.


2031 – Birth of Domnall (Taru’s father) in the far east of the land of five lakes.

2032 – Birth of Estrild (Taru’s mother) on the island of Thursey in Lake Almer in the land of the five lakes.

2042 (866) – Birth of Nantö IV, the twenty-eighth Overlord of Orestol.

2054 – Domnall sets off to explore the land of the five lakes.

2058 – Domnall arrives on the shore of Lake Almer.

2061 – Domnall reaches the isle of Thursey.

2062 – Domnall marries Estrild.

2064 – Birth of Taru’s elder sister, Linda.

2071 – Taru is found and adopted by Estrild and Domnall.

2082 – Estrild tells Taru the Tale of Michael the Messenger.

2085 – Taru is gifted the raven-headed cithern.

2089 – ‘Something happens’ that massively unsettles Taru, but which he keeps to himself.

2072 (896) – Birth of Fial.

2091 – Unrest in the land of the five lakes – Taru heads off and spends time with the Thunderbird Clan in Pohjah in the far north. In the autumn he travels south, through Seouleato and Nineveh to Parasalaya. He meets Rohin in Hima-Puram sometime before the winter solstice.

2092 (916) – Taru and Rohin travel north together, before separating to go east and west. Rohin heads towards the Dark Forest while Taru goes in search of the valley about which he has dreamt since childhood. He enters Orestol, with Alentir‘s help, and meets Fial before she heads to the Temple Compound to retreat from the world.

2093 (917) – After a fell winter Nantö IV is slain, Taru ascends – in passing – to his Overlordship. He returns the emblem of the Overlords to the Dwarf-King. Fial returns from the Temple Compound and they spend a glorious summer together. But as autumn arrives, Taru believes he must depart, the final thing that persuades him is the return of Alentir and him telling him The Tale of the Encaged Bird. Neither he nor Fial know she is pregnant.

2094 (918) – Birth of Finbar, son of Fial and Taru.

2095 – Death of Domnall.

2102 – Death of Estrild.