Owel’s Timeline

Timeline for Owel and his story as told in Voice in the Forest and In Search of the Best of All Worlds. Although not all the events referred to took place on Earth, it’s Earth’s calendar that is used throughout.

The name Owel is used throughout, though from 1925 he was known as Ni-Qhey.

1840 – Birth of Grizel Quiddington, Owel’s mother, in London.

1841 – Birth of Edmund Groat, Owel’s father, in London.

1860 – Birth of Cuthburt Quiddington, Owel’s uncle, in London.

1868 – Marriage of Edmund and Grizel.

1877 – Birth of Tuedar in the Myrcewald.

1878 – Birth of Owel in London.

1882 – Birth of Aengus in Orestol (619, Ingas Reckoning).

1886 – Birth of Ru-Yarl on the Horseshoe Plateau.

1889 – Birth of Ri-Khrm on the Horseshoe Plateau.

1897 – Owel goes up to Oxford to read History.

1898 – Owel visits Cuthburt, who has come back from South Africa. Birth of Ainé in the Haven of Luchan in the land of the five lakes.

1900 – Owel spends his summer vacation in Paris and meets Sibylla.

1906 – Death of Grizel Groat.

1908 – Khrm and Yarl meet and marry. Owel travels to France with Quinlin and visits, in particular, the Loire valley, Albi, and Montségur.

1909 – Owel discusses his favourite books with Cuthburt towards the end of the year.

1910 – Death of Cuthburt Quiddington – on the same day as the King; the majority of Cuthburt’s estate is left to Owel.

1911 – Yarl dies unexpectedly. Owel buys a cottage above Knighton, on the border of England and Wales.

1913 – Death of Edmund Groat. In the summer Owel visits his sister Christina and her family in Wimbledon.

1915 – Aengus flees Orestol (652, Ingas reckoning).

1916 – Owel decides to leave the Old World and follow the Forest King’s call, after the introduction of conscription and the 2nd Battle of Ypres. Aengus meets Ainé near the Haven of Luchan and whisks her away before its fall. Owel meets Jevan and buys his boat.

1917 – Owel sets sail in Pangur Ban (Battle of Arras – 9th April-16th May). Aengus and Ainé found the Realm or Morchard, with its capital of Dunchideock, that summer. Owel meets Fiadhnait on The Garden Isle when he stays there awhile. As autumn approaches he arrives on Kolchin’s fastland and meets Lasith in a cove by the shore, where he learns the secret of finding Sammakarra, before he travels along the Great Divide towards the Kingdom of Nineveh. Khrm goes on a journey.

1917-22 – Morchard survives and expands as a robber-kingdom.

1918 – Owel crosses into Nineveh, though never moving down from the northern hills.

1918-19 – Owel spends the winter in Sammakarra.

1919 – Owel travels onwards during the summer, crossing the River Bradea into the Myrcewald in the autumn. Finds work at a homestead, but this is raided and he is taken and forced to work for a robber group. He escapes into the forest during the winter.  Khrm returns in the autumn to the Horseshoe Plateau.

1920 – In the spring Covac and Owel arrive in Dunchideock. That autumn Owel makes his first over-night trip away.

1922 – Birth of Trueth, daughter of Ainé and Aengus, in the spring. At about the same time, Owel first reaches the Forest River, but does not yet cross. As summer closes Covac is captured by mercenaries, led by Kandrin, but is allowed to return to Dunchideock to aid the mercenaries in its capture. This he does, allowing its destruction. He and Aengus fight and Covac is killed. Trueth is saved by Tuedar – Owel flees west across the Forest River – Aengus returns towards Orestol but, overcome by remorse, drowns himself in the Batch Stream. Ainé’s fate is unknown.

1922-25 – Owel wanders and camps in the lowlands of the Greater Forest.

1925 – Owel climbs to the Horseshoe Plateau and stays with Ch-Shel.

1926 – Owel sets up home in his own cabin.

1927 – Khrm and Owel start walking out.

1929 – Khrm and Owel marry in the late summer and set up home together.

1937 – Khrm gives birth to twins: Zu-Leif, a daughter, and An-Ghrd, a son.

1966 – Death of Khrm. She is followed, a moon later, by Owel.