Alentir’s Timeline

This timeline is for Alentir and his story as told in The Migrator. The calendar is that of Usksumer, with Ingas dates – where appropriate – for Orestol in brackets.

0 – Founding of the realm of Usksumer by Suhmerfin, the God-King.

1947 – Pipe Rebellion breaks out in Usksumer’s southern provinces.

1971 – Rebels flee southwards, out of Suhmerfin’s reach.

1974 – The rebels split at the Place of Breaking. Se-telun leads the majority, who become known as the Deevin, up the valley of the Yeutisun River, while Rort-tis-see leads the rest southwards, crossing into the lands within the great curve of the Silver River.

1976 – Se-telun founds Oiteron Isle.

2017 – After leading his people around the southern tip of the Sedhsiror Mountains and up to the high, wide bowl – then called Rahalharuhll, later the Kingdom of Spring and Autumn – Rort-tis-see led them on to the High Plateau to found Satin Chimber Kalin.

2021 – Founding of the Monastery Palace in Satin Chimber Kalin.

2652 – Destruction of Oiteron Isle.

c. 2900 – Estimated date by which the Sunn entered Rahalharuhll.

3470 – Birth of Agnortik.

3538 – Birth of Elexdreur.

3542 – Birth of Alentir.

37549 – Elexdreur and her father move to Hinauïk.

3551 – Alentir starts his schooling.

3553 – Elexdreur starts her schooling.

3569 – Elexdreur finishes her schooling.

3571 – Elexdreur and her father leave Hinauïk and move to the province of Ranosh-hil. Alentir sits and passes the first set of Civil Service examinations.

3574 – Alentir sits and passes the second set of Civil Service examinations.

3580 – Alentir goes to Ulkandreur for the first time and sits and passes the third set of Civil Service examinations.

3584 – Alentir sits and passes the fourth set of Civil Service examinations. He remains in Ulkandreur and enters the Civil Service there as a Functionary.

3604 – Alentir is promoted to the level of Administrator.

3628 – Alentir is promoted to the level of Prefect and is put in charge of the department that investigates any posters or broadsheets considered subversive.

3629 – Alentir is arrested and take for trial before Suhmerfin. He is found guilty and imprisoned.

3649 – Alentir is transferred northwards to another prison.

3659 – Death of Agnortik.

3673 – Death of Ohpepic.

3678 – Death of Elexdreur.

3687 – Alentir is released from prison.

3688 – Alentir returns to Hinauïk, before setting off southwards out of Usksumer.

3688-3742 – Alentir lives in the woods above the Silver River.

c. 3710 – Date by which the Bothy had finished settling in Rahalharuhll.

3742 – Alentir experiences the horror of Oiteron Isle.

3742-3763 – Alentir lives in the pleasant lands within the Silver River’s great curve.

3763 – Alentir gets caught up in the troubles in the Kingdom of the Kungs. He flees into the woods and then southwards to take ship across the fastland.

3764 (151) – Alentir enters Orestol.

3780 (167) – Alentir hears the tale of the last of the giants, before leaving Orestol.

3780-3831 – Alentir wanders along the shores of the Great Sea.

3831 – Alentir attempts suicide by drowning.

3831-4453 – Alentir wanders aimlessly across the fastland, ever seeking to return to the Dragon-King‘s Realm in the Sea; occasionally he returns to Orestol.

4270 – Baathlos leads the remaining Abergays up to Rahalharuhll and there founds the Kingdom of Spring and Autumn.

4270-4386 – The Abergays conquer the whole of the high, wide bowl of Rahalharuhll.

4453-4473 – Alentir wanders in the rough lands to the north and east of the Kingdom of the Kungs, including the Lesser Forest.

c. 4450 – Steam power comes to the valley of the Oslith River.

4473 – Alentir travels through the Kingdom of Spring and Autumn before moving up to Satin Chimber Kalin.

4519 – Alentir arrives at the Monastery Palace of the Bo Barbarians.

4520 – Founding of the trading-post of Zavoree on the island of the same name in Lake Anni at the heart of the fastland.

4527 – Alentir leaves the Monastery Palace of the Bo Barbarians after eight years.

4529 (916) – Alentir saves Taru (Michael Raven) in the Enchanted Mountains as he travels to Orestol. They become firm friends, the first Alentir has really had. He then leaves to return to the Monastery Palace after three years away.

4530 (917) – Alentir arrives at the Lake of Yedal-lin for the last time, before heading back to Satin Chimber Kalin to talk for the final time with his Master. Then he heads east to return briefly to Orestol, where he tells Michael Raven the tale The Bird in the Mountain is Not Yet Awake, before heading again to the shores of the Great Sea.

4531 – Alentir successfully commits suicide.