Satin Chimber Kalin

Satin Chimber KalinSatin Chimber Kalin is the Bo Barbarians’ name for their High Plateau. Its total population is somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000.

It is a high, arid plateau on the eastern side of the High Mountains, though with many lakes and rivers. Its climate is very harsh, except in the affected area of the lakelands, with even the summers cool. Winter is exceptionally bitter, but it is still a beautiful and unspoilt place with many a warm welcome.

The Bo Barbarians are renegades from the realm of Suhmerfin: the God-King. They eventually crossed the High Mountains, perhaps by the pass Alentir afterwards uses, and travelled up through the high valley that afterwards becomes the Kingdom of Spring and Autumn to the High Plateau. They remain followers of Rort-tis-see, who split from the followers of Se-telun after the Pipe Rebellion almost two thousand years before Alentir’s birth. They believe in right thought and right action, considering themselves to be seekers after light, unlike those who remain under the God-King’s thrall: this suggests more freedom of action for those remaining in Usksumer than those there perceive themselves to have – for almost no Usksu leave. They also differentiate themselves sharply from those, the Deevin, who descend into human sacrifice and the worship of untempered power on Oiteron Isle.

Its capital city is Lahn Hoss – which was founded something under two-and-a-half-thousand years before Alentir reaches it – and is situated on the southern bank of the River Marl, near where it is joined by the River Kwain. It is city of low-built buildings, pale and drab on the outside, but full of colour, life and song within. Its population is only somewhere between five and ten thousand, though the total including the lands about is about one-eighth of that of Satin Chimber Kalin – perhaps as many as twenty thousand people. There are no other towns of any size.

However, the main seat of learning is Maer Anht, the Monastery Palace, upriver from Lahn Hoss. It was started around the same time as the capital, but took over a century to reach its current size. Overall it is a massive place of many towers and arms, of courtyards and gardens, standing on a tall cliff above the River Marl, with large, red gates. Beyond are a varied collection of large, grey buildings with a myriad number of windows and steep roofs of red and brown ochre tiles. When first built it had been a brilliant white, but this had faded over the years as, while the doors of red, yellow and orange were regularly painted, to keep the whole structure as if new is deemed unnecessary.

The lakelands are an area of granite and lakes north of the Monastery Palace that supply much of the produce that Maer Anht does not grow itself. Having travelled so widely and seen so many different climates, Alentir suspects that there is some supraworldy power at operation as both the lakelands and the Monastery Palace have more temperate climates than should be the case for their geographical and altitudinal situations.