Kingdom of Spring and Autumn

The Kingdom of Spring and Autumn is a fairly new realm on the eastern side of the High Mountains, to the south of Satin Chimber Kalin, and is surrounded by heights on three sides. The kingdom was created when the Abergays invaded from the valley of the upper Olsith River. Before that it had already had a long history and prehistory, including the Sunn and Bothy, and was known as Rahalharuhll. The Abergays were very harsh in their suppression of pre-existing cultures.

The Abergays’ precise origins are obscure – they have not shared whatever memories or records they may have. In all probability they are only one of the many tribes who migrated to the valley of the Olsith River from the lands to the north of the Inland Sea, many years ago.

The valley in which the Kingdom of Spring and Autumn lies is only about one hundred miles north to south, and twice that east to west. It is a place of shallow dips and rises, falling steeply away towards the Greater Forest, except for the Trygian Hills towards its centre and the Bon Ridge in the north.

There are only two cities. The largest and newest is Kraive – the Abergays’ capital – the town below the masquerading Mountain King’s fortress on the southern slopes of the Trygian Hills. It is a bleak and forbidding place, walled closely around, built soon after the invasion. These walls limit its potential expansion, and no more than 3000 people live there.

The building of Gespa predates the arrival of the Abergays. It stands to the north-west of the Trygian Hills. Although now occupied and garrisoned by the Abergays, who have changed its nature severely, building walls and destroying gardens, there is much about it that they have never discovered, being content with their illusion of control. It is a microcosm for their rule and attitude to the whole high bowl and those others who dwell there. Its population is now not much more than 2000.