Forest Realm

The whole area of the Greater Forest is considered to be the Forest Realm of the Forest King. His capital of Bok Heliox Trhyon is about as deep in as one can get, sitting on the pleasant plateau of Albin Nhue within the horseshoe of mountains called Al Oast En Mror.

The Horseshoe Mountains and the Horseshoe Plateau were raised by volcanic activity a million years or more ago, and there remains extensive seismic activity. But it is not as simple as that, for it is an area of Kolchin of great interest and importance to two, at least, of the Elemental Kings – the Loam King and the King of the Heartwood – and it is their combined interest and control that gives the Horseshoe Plateau its temperate climate.

It is only really this central plateau over which the Forest Kings’ writ runs. There have been 198 of these so far, from Ti-Ealm – who as Littlegrumble led his siblings south from the tundra – to Ri-Turm, over eight-and-a-half millennia later. Before Ti-Ealm there were Sobdans who ruler from their base at Kroar. The handover of titular head of the Forest Realm was a peaceful affair, from the last Sobdan, Ha-Yarm (though his brother was the temporary Sobdan after Ha-Yarm was lost), to Ti-Ealm, who  married Ha-Yarm’s daughter and only child Wu-Haan.

The Forest Realm is generally a peaceful place, though there have been many minor assaults and one major one, during the Great Tharky Wars, it has never been conquered by hostile forces.

Few of its inhabitants seem to travel, with the notable exception of Hi-Thaw, and few penetrate to its heart. Owel does, and his daughter, Leif, leaves it to travel in the east.