Peoples and Places

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Please note that reading these tracts
before reading the published works
may give away aspects of the plots.

The fastland is a vast continent, with many different peoples and realms from Usksumer and the realms around the Inland Sea in the west to Marive and Ogea’gya in the far east, on the shores of the Great Sea, with numerous others in between.

There are the giants of the High Mountains and – a while ago – of Orestol. There are the Dolvers, whose five tribes have spread to mountains on the shores of the Western Sea, and who have even crossed the Great Southern Ocean to Izahrl. And there are the various human peoples.

The wise of Parasalaya and the lands of the west maintain that all humans on Kolchin originated in the lands south of the Inland Sea, though they have migrated and diverged much since.

From those lands they spiralled out, starting some 9000-10,000 years ago, till they have colonised almost all parts of the three continents, save for the frozen extremes of north and south and the heights.

There were twelve tribes after that first divergence, but they have since fractured many further times.

Only those who feature prominently in published works are included here; others will be added as and when: