The Western Fastland

The Inland Sea and the High Mountains are the two main geological features on the western fastland. The main countries adjacent to the High Mountains are (on their eastern side) Satin Chimber Kalin and the Kingdom of Spring and Autumn (previously Rahalharuhll), and (on their west) Usksumer.

The Inland Sea is over 1200 miles from east to west, and around a thousand from north to south. While it has a myriad of inlets – the major ones being the Silver, Olsith and Dh-halt Rivers, and the River Zharo from the north; and the Ohia River from the west – there is only one outflow: the Chrisoloff, flowing eastwards.

Southwards flow the sandy deserts where the learned maintain all of Kolchin’s humankind originated. To the west its shores are only sparsely populated till one comes to the Haven of Narimvie in the north-west. From there clockwise are some of the oldest civilisations on the fastland, especially the Kingdom of the Kungs, though there are also the marsh areas where the Greater Forest approaches its shores, till one comes round to the Coastal Realms about the outflow of the Chrisoloff.

The High Mountains (called the Sedhsiror Mountains in Usksumer and the Khurz Yur Mountains, occasionally, on their eastern side) are the tallest mountain range on the fastland, behind which Suhmerfin hides; and to which the Kingdom of Spring and Autumn and Satin Chimber Kalin cling.

They run for many thousand miles, with their northern end up near the pole unexplored, in an almost straight north-south line, except for a turn to the west at their southern end. They contain the fastland’s tallest peak – Mount Leasurung – and its second – Mount Tirarf-fel; waterways that rise in them include the Seranid and Urlstakin Rivers on the western side, and the Olsith and Dram Rivers on the eastern.