The Eastern Fastland

The lands lying between the fastland’s central forests and the Great Sea can generally be divided into two: those wetter and cooler ones lying to the north of the Great Divide, and the warmer and drier ones to the south. In addition there are various islands and archipelagos dotted far out into the Great Sea.

The Great Divide itself is a range of very old and worn mountains of no great height running slightly south of east-west for some seventeen hundred miles, with two widely stretched arms at its western end.

North of these heights are the realms of Marive (on the coast); Orestol, the Valley of Gold in the Enchanted Mountains; the land of the five lakes; and then Seouleato, lying about the River Bradea and caught between the Great Divide’s northern arm, the Flay Mountains, and the pine woods of the northern Myrcewald. Between the Great Divide’s western arms sits the ancient Kingdom of Nineveh.

On the fastland’s eastern edge, to the south and bordering the Great Sea, lie Livivoria, Grung, Sporinva, various other small kingdoms, and then the peninsula and islands of Ogea’gya. Inland are Parasalaya, the Orhte Plains, the Central Massif – whereon is the Summer Queen’s palace – and then southwards to the desert of Sinhalaya which reaches around to border the Greater Forest across the Asamanga.