The Central Fastland

At the heart of the fastland lies the Greater Forest – also known as Hals Ethay Endow. It stretches from the tundra in the north (known as Pohjah in the east) to the great waterways that cross almost the entire continent. It is bordered on the east by the Forest River, across which is the Myrcewald – also known as the Dark Forest, Mahrst Dhay and the Vanamalaya; to the west lies the High Plateau of Satin Chimber Kalin, and the Dh-halt River – also known as the Kwurk – across which lies the Lesser Forest.  On its southern border lie the Chrisoloff, flowing all the way from the immense Inland Sea; and the Asamanga – which is also called the River Bradea in its northern reaches – and which starts in the land of the five lakes; these join at Lake Anni, out of which flows the River Tsark to empty into the Tearne Sea.

The whole area of the Greater Forest is considered to be the Forest Realm of the Forest King. His capital of Bok Heliox Trhyon is about as deep in as one can get, sitting on the pleasant plateau of Albin Nhue within the horseshoe of mountains called Al Oast En Mror.

The Myrcewald lies between the Forest River and the Asamanga. To the north are the Flay Mountains and Seouleato. It has a reputation that is darker than it deserves; people can get lost in there – and few people indeed dwell deep in – but the only evil in there comes when humans enter.

The Lesser Forest is also known as Pau Endow. To its south lie the North Downs, and to the west and north are sparsely inhabited human lands. The so-called ‘bearded savages’ lived in its southern part. Although they are feared by those who live beyond the Lesser Forest’s eaves, they are not primitive gubbins, or savage ‘green men’. They have an ancient, enduring and sophisticated forest culture – just one rarely known about or understood by others.

They do not usually venture beyond the Lesser Forest, which has been their home for a very long time; they were probably one of the earliest people to move to their own particular part of the fastland, where they were nurtured by Alahrhya Rhyamahralyaeearrum. But they do keep watch at the eaves, and will attack if threatened – especially if the felling of trees is more than one or two here or there – but they do not attack wantonly. In truth, they are only trying to protect their large and remote forest from the Kingdom of the Kungs.

They do not (particularly) attack refugees who flee into the Lesser Forest either, but generally try to keep them away from areas they consider particularly their own – mostly deep in the forest. Few of the refugees ever come there.

The bearded savages would not bother with Alentir as an individual ambling through their lands.

Their hairiness is exaggerated, but as the Pena of the Kingdom of the Kungs view hair other than on the head as barbarian, it contributes to them being viewed as savages. The bearded savages do have facial hair, but are clean and groomed – except sometimes after trekking through the forest to fight.