General Geography

There are three continents on the known part of Kolchin: Nu (the smallest); the fastland (by far the largest); and Izahrl – a somewhat barren continent, though not uninhabited, around the south pole.

There are also three main expanses of water: the Great Sea; the Western Sea; and the Great Southern Ocean that lies between the northern continents and Izahrl. Depending on belief, the Arsha Marmadhlaintrimanga (Great Sea) to the east of the fastland stretches to the Gates of Dawn, and the Arshain-niah (Western Sea) to the strand before the Doors of Night; or they stretch around to meet at Kolchin’s back, thus forming an immense ocean, perhaps 15,000 miles across.

The fastland (old and ‘proper’ name, Url) is a vast continent, stretching up to 9000 miles from east to west, and from the north pole to well past the equator.  It is as a huge five-stared landmass, its northern head wrought of piling ice, a great forest its beard, its arms thrust out east and west, and beneath uneven legs, the eastern foot detached. This is the huge island of Jos, barely known, and by far the largest island lying close to the fastland. Its central girdle is from five to six thousand miles across; here is where the major areas of civilized settlement are. The out-thrusts in the north-east, north-west and south-west are generally considered primitive.

The central girdle of the fastland can be considered in three pieces: the western part about the High Mountains and the Inland Sea; the central forested part; and the lands and islands of the east.