See also Owel’s Timeline.


A great traveller, also known as Qhé and Ni-Qhey, who stays awhile in Dunchideock. The false name he gives there when he is captured is Siward.

He is born on this side of the Mirror Divide, in England, in 1877 C.E., the fourth child and only son of the five offspring of Edmund and Grizel Groat. He always feels out of place. When the burden of the madness of society and the Great War become too much for him, he sails west out into the Atlantic Ocean on his boat Pangur Ban, following the Immrama of Maeldún and Saint Brendan, and the voice he hears calling him Qhé! Qhé! Eventually he reaches – in the late summer of 1917 – Kolchin’s fastland.

He does not find what he wants on the voyage or the fastland for a long time. Partially because he is unsure exactly what it is he is seeking, and partially because his thoughts and feelings and the way the world around him changes do not happen suddenly or evenly.

The call of the forest is strongly on him, and he travels towards the heartland of the fastland. He drifts on the edge of the Myrcewald for a few years before being captured and taken to Aengus and Ainé’s realm of Dunchideock.

He flees from Dunchideock’s destruction two years later, following the voice calling Qhé! to him, across the Forest River and deep into the Greater Forest. There he finally settles on the plateau of Albin Nhue with Ri-Khrm, taking her as his wife. (Voice in the Forest, In Search of the Best of All Worlds)