A curious woman, her age and ultimate origins unfathomable. For at least seven centuries someone of her name has flitted in and out of Orestol‘s history, always as a wise-woman, a healer, someone in whom to confide; but it has not generally been perceived that these various someones called Melior are actually the same woman.

The full details of her history are not recorded – though it is known she treated Alentir on his first stay in Orestol, aided Ainé in Dunchideock when she gave birth to Trueth – perhaps having followed Aengus from Orestol – though he had been unaware of her there, and treated and befriended Fial. But elsewise?

The degree of her knowledge suggests she studied in Ogea’gya, perhaps Parasalaya or even Sinhalaya. And maybe she has travelled to the far west, or visited some of the many islands in the Great Sea. Whatever the truth, she is not telling. (The Migrator, Voice in the Forest, Time & Sorrow)