She is the middle child of the ruling Prince of Fayr Trin, in the hidden valley of Orestol. She has an elder brother, Tuan, and a younger sister, Damnat. She and her sister remain on very good terms, though she became distant from the rest of her family. It was not a great falling-out, but their lives diverged to the extent it made it uncomfortable to have much contact.

She had a happy-enough childhood, though she did not feel she fitted in with her family; but later there were traumatic events with which she still struggles, such as her relationship with a difficult Taru and – especially – the death of one of her sons within a day of being born. Although she rebuilds her life, it takes a vision vouched safe to her in an enchanted forest not of Kolchin that finally enables her to cease feeling beholden to her past and accept the plan of the Goddess of the Land.

Her surviving son, Finbar, is an exceptional child, one who grew and matured very quickly, but who also kept a child-like acceptance of the awe and wonder in the world around and about. Someone special; the Sacred King who will unite the disparate strands in Orestol and re-establish the striving for balance that is at the heart of the Goddess’s worship. (Time & Sorrow)