An Usksu. She is Alentir’s first love, three years older than him, and comes with her father, the mayor, Rakidahn, to Hinauïk when she is eight. She is not a particularly pleasant individual, being somewhat of a snob and usually selfish. Her father dotes on her; her mother died in childbirth.

She leaves Hinauïk when Alentir is twenty-nine. But he cannot easily forget her, thinking that they will be reunited and live their lives together. It takes him many centuries to come to terms with her departure. She dies at age one hundred and sixty-nine, having forgotten Alentir many decades before; in that time she got married, had children, and lived a staid life like almost all the people of Usksumer.

When Alentir looks back many years later, when he feels he can see clearly, he does see her for what she was: vain, self-centred, inclined to spitefulness, and petty. Yet not only. She was also fun, enjoyable company, and could be kind and attentive. She is the only part of Alentir’s childhood – except perhaps his painting – that held any colour: and his one connection with another being. (The Migrator)