Dragon-King (of the Eastern Oceans)

Ruler of the Great Sea. His true name is Tri. In the pantheon of the Ingas Overlords of Orestol he is equated with Paulus. He is as a god and offers to help Alentir, though the Usksu is slow to realise this; but he will not imperil his own realm, for he recognises the fragility of the submarine world, so when he perceives Alentir as a threat he expels him.

He existed before Kolchin, yet makes no claim to creativity, and is essentially a benevolent ruler. His wisdom has increased, as has his appearing to do nothing, but he is a subtle creature.

Whether Alentir really meets him, or dreams of the meetings as he tries to drown, cannot be known. It all seems real to him. (The Migrator)