A secretive chap, he gives away very little of his past, thoughts, or decisions. It is not clear what age he is.

By unclear methods he manages to worm his way into Aengus’s confidence, very soon after his arrival in Dunchideock. It subsequently becomes clear – to some at least – that he has a plan to control and direct the Realm of Morchard. He keeps the precise details close to his chest, but they include: suppression of individuality to a collective norm; severing of family and historical ties, these being replaced by devotion to a figurehead – the Fugleman; a siege-mentality – defined by what they are against and thus, lacking any positive aspects; and the taking of Ainé for his own.

In either event, all his scheming and self-serving come to nought, and he is slain by Aengus when his treason is exposed. But he brings down Dunchideock in his ruin. (Voice in the Forest)