The founder and ruler of the Realm of Morchard, with its capital of Dunchideock. He gives himself the title Fugleman as the leader of his own movement to create a fresh society deep in the Myrcewald. But, whatever high ideals he may have started out with, they do not last and he falls to being a dope and petty tyrant, though he sees some clarity before the end.

In Dunchideock he deliberately obscures his earlier history, and it is not till close to the end of his reign there that he allows a carefully edited version of the truth to be given to his subjects. A more accurate version is:

He was born in the year 819 local reckoning (1882 C.E.) in Orestol, the son of Endros II, the 24th Tarquï-ö-Orestol, Lord of the Golden Serpent, the valley’s Overlord. Endros II had left his charge, and the valley, and as it becomes clear he is unlikely to return a fierce competition erupts among his many – all bastard – sons. Aengus beats all his brothers and takes the Chair in the name of Tané III in 640 (1903 C.E.). But he does not remain there. After twelve years he follows his father and flees the Valley of Gold. With him he takes the sigil that has been important in Orestol since before the advent of the first Tarquï-ö-Orestol some six hundred years earlier, though it has been superseded by the talisman of the Golden Serpent. Aengus leaves the talisman, but feels the sigil can help him to rebuild.

It is not known in the valley of Orestol what had happened to him after his disappearance – even if he had left the valley or not. The ideas passed around were basically three:

  • that he had finally snapped completely and was haunting the fringes of the mists of the Enchanted Mountains as though he was an animal that would doubtlessly soon be caught or killed;
  • that he had run off to try and organise a realm somewhere else, being eminently unsuitable to being the Overlord of Orestol;
  • or that he had been seduced from afar by the Summer Queen – as told in song The Summer Queen – and was dwindling away in depravity far to the south.

The middle idea was the one least favoured.

Then he travels westwards, meets Ainé outside Carringtun – which Aengus calls the Haven of Luchan – at the mouth of the River Bealculme, before fleeing with her into the Dark Forest, the Myrcewald, to found his robber-kingdom.

He is essentially a weak man, prone to running and hiding, unable to stand up to Covac till he has no choice. And undeserving of Ainé.

When Dunchideock falls, he flees back towards Orestol, but drops the sigil into the Batch Stream, before drowning himself. He is only forty. (Voice in the Forest, Time & Sorrow)