The Marquis’s Destruction – Introduction

The Marquis

The Marquis’s Destruction, at least as regards the perceived threat of the City, exists in many versions; it is a very old story, going back over five thousand years – before Thaw went to Uruk. It has become somewhat of an underlying tale – for instance influencing that part of The Mountain King & the Silver Queen (which Alentir reads in Maer Anht) where Sahrahnylii & Jouphah fight the Demon of Intemperance.

The version given here is based on that told by Lasith to Owel in Bearcomb Cove, with colouring provided by Owel’s perceptions & experiences on Earth, & the technological advances & ideological simplification he feared were gaining ascendency.



Part 1 – Nightmares of Destruction

Part 2 – Worlds Under Heaven

Part 3 – Kill or Cure

Part 4 – City of the Plain

Part 5 – The Archon’s Struggle

Part 6 – After the Day


There are also various images involved in this version of the story which are included in the pdf of The Marquis’s Destruction and separately here.