Taru in Transit

Taru in Transit

When you have gone so far that you can’t manage one more step,
then you’ve gone just half the distance you’re capable of.


The division into four parts is simply due to the length of the piece.


Part One

1: Of His Earliest Memory

2: Of the Tale of Michael the Messenger

3: Of the Gift of the Cithern

4: Of His Leaving Thursey

5: Of His Time Among the Thunderbird Clan


Part Two

6: Of His Passage South

7: Of Meeting Rohin

8: Of the Attack of the Copper-Ratchets

9: Of a Hidden Valley

10: Of the Call of the Raven

11: Of Alentir and the Passage into Orestol


Part Three

12: Of the House of the Overlord

13: Of the Lay of the Overlord’s Saving of Orestol

14: Of the Passage of the Caverns

15: Of His Passage Through the Palace


Part Four

16: Of His Time Before the Dwarf-King

17: Of His Conversation With the High Priestess

18: Of His Friends’ Returning

19: Of His Leaving