Flowing Free

I have toyed with the idea of creating strings of flags for a while, initially with the thought of hanging them in my garden. With the advent of the Radical Craft exhibition I looked at the idea anew, and decided to make my own versions of Tibetan prayer flags. I have not worked with cloth for at least a couple of decades, and have never tried to paint it before. And the earlier examples are decidedly rough. But the idea was never to attempt anything too polished; prayer flags are intended to disintegrate as their messages are disseminated via the wind across the world.

There are twenty-eight flags strung on the finished piece, fairly rough-created, but carrying my essential idea.

Far longer was spent on hunting out quotes for the flags than the actual creation of the physical piece. Ranging from Sun-Tzu and the Bible to the scientists Darwin and Sagan. From the Surrealists to Schumacher and his followers (details of the quotes used can be found here.). I knew some of the quotes I wanted, but did not necessarily remember exactly where they were from.

It is probably too much to say that by reading these quotes one will understand my take on the world, but they have all been carefully chosen and give a flavour of my philosophy.


Flowing Free