Outside In



I first entered work into Outside In‘s triennial exhibition in 2013, and currently have five pieces up on their website. It is a great organisation, and their website is well worth exploring for all the imaginative and original pieces displayed there from artists who face “barriers to the art world for reasons including health, disability or social circumstance …”

Their 2015-16 competition is called ‘Radical Craft’ (closing date for submissions is October), and I am finding it much harder to organise my thoughts and work than I did a few years ago. Perhaps because of Outside In’s emphasis on ‘craft’ this time.

I am aware (id est people have told me) that there is an ongoing discussion about what is art and what is craft. I have thought about it – just a bit – and decided that I’d accept that there is just one continuum and leave it at that. So everything I do is both.

I am currently intending to submit two pieces: one called Relief, and one called Flowing Free.

Richard Bray (summer 2015)