Time & Sorrow – Images


There are a lot of images included in the story Time & Sorrow, mostly interspersed between some of the chapters. Those given below only relate to the novella itself, and do not include any relating to the Appendices.


Woman in a Man's WorldWoman in a Man's WorldWoman in a Man’s World

(Scanned colour into a computer generated image.)


Beyond the World She KnowsBeyond the World She Knows

(Collage assembled on computer – acrylic and inks.)


The Remontado's VisionThe Remontado’s Vision

(Collage assembled on computer – mostly pencil.)


The Fragrant ForestThe Fragrant Forest

(Coloured chalks.)


The Temple of Fial's SoulThe Temple of Fial’s Soul

(Ink and pencil.)


The Golden SerpentThe Golden Serpent

(Coloured inks.)


The Perfect BeingThe Perfect Being

(Oil on paper.)


Fial's DreamFial’s Dream

(Photo of collage and various herbs.)





Ship of FoolsShip of Fools



Taru's PerceptionTaru’s Perception

(Collage – ink and plastic bags.)


The PiperThe Piper

(Coloured pencils.)


Mother & SonMother & Son

(Oil and inks.)


The Burnt ShieldThe Burnt Shield

(Coloured Inks)