“I have always looked upon decay as being just as wonderful an expression of life as growth.”

Henry Valentine Miller: 1947, The Wisdom of the Heart, ‘Reflections on Writing’.


The self-facilitated art group I belong to has mounted an exhibition at the Worcester Arts Workshop on the theme of ‘Decay’, to run most of the way through April 2015. Interpreted in a wide sense. Here are the pieces I’ve entered.

x3 - The Eternal Nowx3: The Eternal Now

(Acrylic and Ink)

The episodic movements of the Eternal Now are lost as they flicker between memory and possibilities; sometimes we try and stay time, remembering St. John the Divine and his vision that after the Apocalypse “there should be time no longer” [Revelations 10:6]. But, till then, we try to halt decay at our peril.

 Only in Change is There PermanenceOnly in Change is There Permanence


Those who attempt to stay culture from change do not halt its decay, but instead increase the pace and degree of their culture’s disintegration.



At the end, even matter will decay, and the unchanging heatdeath of the universe will reign.

 The Dragon of WinterThe Dragon of Winter


This is Not All I AmThis is Not All I Am

(Coloured Chalk)

There is always a difference between the aspects of ourselves we show, in part determined by how robust our memory of ourselves is.

Stasis's EncroachmentStasis’s Encroachment

(Mixed Media)

  Dream of SleepDream of Sleep


When We Dead AwakenWhen We Dead Awaken


Though fallen, this is not our end; we will wait in patience as the seasons turn to awaken anew as food for the spring.

     The Laughter Stilled at BirthThe Laughter Stilled at Birth



This has been done with the support of the Art in Minds Foundation.