I have been painting and drawing for most of my life, save for a few times when I have been too ill, or too busy – for instance when painting my first flat or finishing courses of study.

Some are images of Kolchin, especially – but not solely – concerned with events in the stories The MigratorVoice in the Forest­, The Marquis’s Destruction, and Time & Sorrow all have a number of images included in them and, though none of them are integral to the text, they hopefully add to the cohesion of the tales.

Most of my images, however, are not associated with Kolchin, though they (probably) cover similar themes, and have grown in prominence more recently. I’ve even written an artist’s statement – though I keep revising it.

Most of the time I used to work only at home and my pieces were seen by few people; in more recent years I have become involved in various (mostly local) organisation, such as Art from Within, AIMs, and Outside In, and have even begun to exhibit.