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Beneath the Surface

Just a brief post to mention that I've a painting in the AIMs' World Mental Health Day exhibition in Worcester during October, and that I talked about it to the Worcester News.  


Exhibition – “Decay”

I belong to a self-facilitated art group that meets regularly on Mondays under the auspices of the Art in Minds Foundation (AIMs), though our socialising and creating continues outside. We have mounted at the Worcester Arts Workshop around the theme of 'Decay' to run most of the way through April 2015. OLYMPUS DIGITAL <span class=Continue reading the story "Exhibition – “Decay”"



I've added three new pictures on my Other Images page. The last two – Within and In Another World – could be perceived as having connections to Kolchin: the background image of the Primordial Egg and the combining of elements. Hope for the World is more explicitly connected to this world alone; I am concerned with the over-occupation and over-management of the Earth. It is Continue reading the story "Pictures"

Time & Sorrow

I have put the first few chapters of Time & Sorrow up on Wattpad. These are not the final, polished ones, though I don't envisage any substantial changes. I am also in the process of putting some of the associated images up on this website, as well as pages for Continue reading the story "Time & Sorrow"

Away Too Long

I've noticed with some surprise that it's over a month since I last left a post. In my defence, I have been busy working on a novella called Time & Sorrow which tells of Michael Raven's time in Orestol, from the point of view of a young woman called Fial - perviously Nadja. (I have worked out an okay reason for him being called Michael, though Continue reading the story "Away Too Long"

Integrated Text and Images


Well, I've finally got the pdf of The Marquis's Destruction uploaded to this site. It is quite a large file and may take some time to download. I've been looking at integrating text and images to create a cohesive whole on-and-off for many years - I am after all a fan of William Blake - but have been frustrated by illustrated fantasy books; not Continue reading the story "Integrated Text and Images"