Beneath the Surface

Just a brief post to mention that I’ve a painting in the AIMs’ World Mental Health Day exhibition in Worcester during October, and that I talked about it to the Worcester News.




I am changing the layout of this website. This will not all be done in one go, but there will hopefully be minimum inconvenience – for instance, very few of the pages will change their addresses.

The reason for it is that I am giving greater prominence to my visual work as this has become more important to me, and I am intending to add some pages about how my creativity and creation of worlds has changed over the years.

Restructuring Time & Sorrow


I’ve restructured Time & Sorrow, fundamentally: The Dream-Cycle is now included in the longer piece, and so I’ve removed it from the website. I have, however, left the images.

Time & Sorrow is now more what Ursula Le Guin calls a ‘story suite’, various stories, linked, but each with their own distinct tale and feel. The novella Time & Sorrow remains the centre piece, but the proposed book has been expanded.

And I now think I will presented as a physical book, rather than an electroic one, due to the various images into the text. Unfortunately these are all monochrome there – for reasons of cost. Coloured versions are on this website – here.

Exhibition – “Decay”

I belong to a self-facilitated art group that meets regularly on Mondays under the auspices of the Art in Minds Foundation (AIMs), though our socialising and creating continues outside. We have mounted at the Worcester Arts Workshop around the theme of ‘Decay’ to run most of the way through April 2015.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the first time I’ve exhibited other than as a member of a large group, and it is a scary experience. I feel as though I am laying bare my soul; but I choose to do this as part of growing as an artists. I know my work will not be to everyone’s tast, but then nothing is. And I am pleased with what I have managed to achieve.

I am uploading the images I’m exhibiting on their own page. Although it may sound arrogant, I hope that showing these pieces to others will give pleasure and possibly even inspire. In any case, it is important to me for me to attempt this.

Come another year

Another year: another time when people often look to make improvements in their lives. I’m not one for New Year resolutions, though when spring starts to make its presence felt and the garden promises so much I am inclined to make plans, new ideas present themselves, and my energy levels improve markedly. I do suffer from SAD syndrome, so the past month or two have been difficult. But I had my festive celebration with some friends at the winter solstice and the worst of the light levels are hopefully behind us. The cold is still to come, but I love wrapping myself in layers and lighting the stove, tucking myself in.

It seemed, at the time, that I lived most of last year in a fog without achieving very much. But on reflection, that is far from true. Although the primary text of Time & Sorrow was completed some time ago, there were always refinements to make. But there are plenty of texts et cetera associated with it that I have worked on: there are the songs in the text, which have achieved more finish than they appear to have just from the lyrics, basic scores and chord structures – I still hope to publish them as pieces of music at some point, but that will not be soon; I have worked more on the story of Taru, especially after he left Orestol, moving him back through the land of the five lakes and into the Kingdom of Nineveh – I wrote some 70,000 words of this story before deciding that I didn’t like the structure – I still hope to tell the story of him in Nineveh, but need to find a new form for it; and I decided to add notes to the novella Time & Sorrow. These are not simply references, but additional information that I wanted to make available but which did not fit into the basic structure. They do not include everything written – there is much about Taru that I decided not to include, such as his time in the House of the Overlord and his friendship with Alentir; and there is a long version of the hunt that Nantö IV undertakes – but I have included a tale about Kilydd and on the possible origins of Melior. In all something approaching 20,000 words – half the length of the novella itself.

I have also been much more disciplined in my art work, and hope to add more images associated with Time & Sorrow soon. And perhaps more pieces not associated with Kolchin.

The Dream-Cycle

Although I’ve not posted anything for some time now, I have not been idle. I have worked on Time & Sorrow (including how best to present it – it is too long, I think, to place the whole text on this website) and completing The Dream-Cycle, which tells of part of Taru‘s early life (he is also in Time & Sorrow)

I have been drawing and painting much more recently, some allied to my prose, much not, and also been working on the songs that are part of Taru’s story. Whether or not any of these will be presented as anything over than sheet music with little more than vocal lines and chords is still undecided. But I am working on arrangements for them – some much more complicated than my fairly basic keyboard skills can handle. Thank heaven for sequencing.



I’ve added three new pictures on my Other Images page. The last two – Within and In Another World – could be perceived as having connections to Kolchin: the background image of the Primordial Egg and the combining of elements. Hope for the World is more explicitly connected to this world alone; I am concerned with the over-occupation and over-management of the Earth.

It is my intention to add more stuff that is not directly connected with Kolchin. So, watch this space.

Unhappy with details


I had hoped to have progressed further with Time & Sorrow than has been the case. I will continue to post chapters on Wattpad, but any other form of publication is some way away.

There are various reasons for this – three of the most important being:

1. I am unhappy with some of the images – primarily their relevance;
2. the various songs require further tweaking; and
3. the portrayal of Taru’s character is not what I want it to be. I have written more about him and his history – especially with the shaman-tribes in the far north and before the Dwarf-King – but am unhappy with the whole. More thought and work required.

Hopefully these things will be resolved soon.


Time & Sorrow

I have put the first few chapters of Time & Sorrow up on Wattpad. These are not the final, polished ones, though I don’t envisage any substantial changes.

I am also in the process of putting some of the associated images up on this website, as well as pages for Fial, Taru, the valley of Orestol, and The Histories & Prophecies of Dinogad.

Time & Sorrow is called a novella because the core text is around 40,000 words long. I only think this is of any importance in giving the reader an indication of the weight of the story.

I will continue to work on this story and still have an eye to publishing an e-book version.

Away Too Long

I’ve noticed with some surprise that it’s over a month since I last left a post. In my defence, I have been busy working on a novella called Time & Sorrow which tells of Michael Raven’s time in Orestol, from the point of view of a young woman called Fial – perviously Nadja. (I have worked out an okay reason for him being called Michael, though he is called Taru in the novella.) Both Alentir and Melior make brief appearances. I have written all of it, but would not say it is completed; I’ve put it aside for a couple of months before I work over it again.

The idea is also to follow on from the use of images in The Marquis’s Destruction, but with many more; these are also taking a lot of work – the current idea is that there will be more than a dozen, maybe many more. I hope to publish this as an e-book; it is unlikely to also be published in hard copy as colour prints would make the cost prohibitive. I may well make the drafts available on Wattpad, though I’ve not made my mind up.

I have also written quite a lot more about Owel‘s daughter Leif, though I’m still not sure where this will go; she may meet up with Taru, and I’ve written 20,000-odd words of his history, including of his time in Orestol from his viewpoint. How this will or may appear in a novel is far from decided.