About Me

I find it surprising people should want to know much about an artist or author, especially when he has only sold a few pieces, has no real profile, and only had a few pieces of writing published, and those self-published. But as you’ve navigated to this page, it seems fair to assume you want to know something.

I was born in the mid-sixties, and live in Worcestershire. I am a keen student of history and love gardening, and have always drawn and painted and made things for as long as I remember. Not really growing up, at least in this area; I describe a lot of what I do as ‘playing’, though there is often serious purport behind my work.

I have been writing since at least my late teens, but these mentioned or included on this website are the first works of any substance I’ve felt could possibly merit publication. My recollection is that I started to write almost as soon as I got around to reading.

The major areas of my fictional reading have always been in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. As have been the majority of my fictional writings.

I enjoy rugby and a drink: and have suffered from long-term depression since my early twenties. My attempts to accept and understand this have influenced my work probably more than anything else.


Why have I self-published?

The path of least resistance really. And that the most important thing for me was getting my manuscripts to exist in book form. They will probably sell few copies, and I doubt I’ll get my hard-saved money back. But that’s fine. The books – for all their flaws – are out there close in form to how I want them to be. Although as soon as I send them off to the publishers I want to change o so many things.