Come another year

Another year: another time when people often look to make improvements in their lives. I’m not one for New Year resolutions, though when spring starts to make its presence felt and the garden promises so much I am inclined to make plans, new ideas present themselves, and my energy levels improve markedly. I do suffer from SAD syndrome, so the past month or two have been difficult. But I had my festive celebration with some friends at the winter solstice and the worst of the light levels are hopefully behind us. The cold is still to come, but I love wrapping myself in layers and lighting the stove, tucking myself in.

It seemed, at the time, that I lived most of last year in a fog without achieving very much. But on reflection, that is far from true. Although the primary text of Time & Sorrow was completed some time ago, there were always refinements to make. But there are plenty of texts et cetera associated with it that I have worked on: there are the songs in the text, which have achieved more finish than they appear to have just from the lyrics, basic scores and chord structures – I still hope to publish them as pieces of music at some point, but that will not be soon; I have worked more on the story of Taru, especially after he left Orestol, moving him back through the land of the five lakes and into the Kingdom of Nineveh – I wrote some 70,000 words of this story before deciding that I didn’t like the structure – I still hope to tell the story of him in Nineveh, but need to find a new form for it; and I decided to add notes to the novella Time & Sorrow. These are not simply references, but additional information that I wanted to make available but which did not fit into the basic structure. They do not include everything written – there is much about Taru that I decided not to include, such as his time in the House of the Overlord and his friendship with Alentir; and there is a long version of the hunt that Nantö IV undertakes – but I have included a tale about Kilydd and on the possible origins of Melior. In all something approaching 20,000 words – half the length of the novella itself.

I have also been much more disciplined in my art work, and hope to add more images associated with Time & Sorrow soon. And perhaps more pieces not associated with Kolchin.

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