Away Too Long

I’ve noticed with some surprise that it’s over a month since I last left a post. In my defence, I have been busy working on a novella called Time & Sorrow which tells of Michael Raven’s time in Orestol, from the point of view of a young woman called Fial – perviously Nadja. (I have worked out an okay reason for him being called Michael, though he is called Taru in the novella.) Both Alentir and Melior make brief appearances. I have written all of it, but would not say it is completed; I’ve put it aside for a couple of months before I work over it again.

The idea is also to follow on from the use of images in The Marquis’s Destruction, but with many more; these are also taking a lot of work – the current idea is that there will be more than a dozen, maybe many more. I hope to publish this as an e-book; it is unlikely to also be published in hard copy as colour prints would make the cost prohibitive. I may well make the drafts available on Wattpad, though I’ve not made my mind up.

I have also written quite a lot more about Owel‘s daughter Leif, though I’m still not sure where this will go; she may meet up with Taru, and I’ve written 20,000-odd words of his history, including of his time in Orestol from his viewpoint. How this will or may appear in a novel is far from decided.

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