Bit of a block now

Although I’ve now decided to put some more day-to-day thoughts onto my website, I still suspect my thoughts will not be of interest to anyone out there – doing the self-deprecation thing that so many of us are so good at; but also I’m sure there was the idea that I only really wanted to put out fully formed ideas and finished pieces of work. I should have known better: Rembrandt’s sketches and cartoons are in many ways more interesting than his oil paintings. And on courses such as Art Foundation and Architectural Interior Design the keeping of sketch books and even blogs is – I understand – (in some ways at least) considered more important than finished projects. This is presumably about the process of forming ideas and showing the philosophy behind the work.

I am also aware of Brendon Sanderson and his putting the often rough drafts of his novel Warbreaker on his website. I’m far from sure that I am there yet – and he has a somewhat (ho hum) higher profile than I do.

I’ve just spent a very productive week or so writing furiously, trying to work further on Leif’s story, but have been side-tracked into looking again at Michael Raven’s tale of his time in Orestol, partly with Alentir, but most specifically of his relationship with a character currently called Nadja. And telling it from her point of view.

Having re-read all I wrote of that time in Orestol, I am still sure that the writing is nowhere near the standard I feel I’ve achieved since; and the motifs are somewhat predictable. But there is stuff that can be mined, though the story of Nadja is unlikely to reach novel length – I will see how it goes. And maybe I will start to post unpolished chapters on here/Wattpad.

But my momentum has slowed, and I have to spend some time working on more practical and mundane tasks. Hopefully not for long.

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