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Well, I’ve finally got the pdf of The Marquis’s Destruction uploaded to this site. It is quite a large file and may take some time to download.

I’ve been looking at integrating text and images to create a cohesive whole on-and-off for many years – I am after all a fan of William Blake – but have been frustrated by illustrated fantasy books; not so much by the quality of the images (though many of them are too purely representational for my tastes – Pauline Baynes and Gor Blok being major exceptions), but because they are not integral to the whole. Philip Pullman and Mervyn Peake have created designs and illustrations to accompany their work, but are – to my knowledge – rare in this.

So I have produced the illustrated booklet of The Marquis’s Destruction, with various additions; which – I suspect – took longer and were almost certainly more enjoyable to create than the core text. The work is not exactly just an essay in the craft, but I doubt it’s as integrated as I would like it to be when I – in later time – reflect on it.

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