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I’ve had this website up and running for a bit now, and have finally decided to risk putting on-going comment on here. The static pages are more-or-less as I want them at the moment (though this will doubtlessly change quickly), so here goes with some more ethereal stuff.

I have been working over the past few weeks on a new novel set on Kolchin, which will follow on from the short story In Search of the Best of all Worlds, which in turn follows on from Voice in the Forest, telling the story of Leif, daughter of Owel. It is in the early stages and though I have various ideas and themes in mind – such as linking up with the character mentioned briefly in The Migrator – Michael Raven (an unfortunate naming: his history has now changed) – who was the main character in my never-to-be-published first novel. But how their stories could meet is yet to be uncovered.

There are also a number of images and additional pieces to The Marquis’s Destruction that just need to be finalised before being added to this website and the story’s pdf.

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